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If you are an educational institution looking to increase your student demographic across more countries and time-zones with no booking necessary for students, get in touch to find out how our software can help you.  If you are an educator either online or offline looking to add value to your course and extend your student reach, get in touch to find out about our accreditation service.


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Music exams for everyone

Increasing accessibility to students around the globe by facilitating the entire exam process online.

Students from anywhere, whether they are self-taught or learning through an organisation, can take their exams any time using our technology.

Exams made simple

We are the first platform to facilitate government-accredited music exams to Level 3/Grade 8 completely online.

It’s great to hear about the launch of Online Music Exams. Young people learn in a variety of ways, and it’s fantastic that Online Music Exams offers an accessible, flexible and stress-reducing option.

Matt Griffiths,

CEO of Youth Music

Online Music Exams
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