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Our innovative technology enables your courses to have accredited music exams online, quickly & effortlessly.
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Our digital platform using SARA, our automated examiner assistant, makes it easy and engaging for students to take music exams anytime & anywhere!

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We will review your course and prepare a bespoke plan of action for moving forward

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We will look for accreditation if needed and upload your course information to SARA

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We will link the exams to your course for your students to take and we look after all administration

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Helping course providers & students


The Online Music Exams platform helps online and offline course providers, whether they are accredited, or whether they need accrediting, to supply on demand qualifications to students across all time zones and major languages.

Using our online exam technology SARA, course providers can now increase accessibility to qualifications using their own methods. SARA is unique to the Online exam world in the way she operates. Students no longer need to book exams as SARA is automated. She is able to examine all areas of an exam including sight reading, aural skills, improvisation and performance pieces before verification from a human examiner.


Online Music Exams is a brilliant and long-overdue tech led solution that makes the process of preparing for and taking music exams more affordable for everyone. We love it!

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What are the benefits to your students?

  • Government certification
  • No bookings
  • Exams open 24-7
  • Fast marking
  • Reduces stage fright
  • Immediate retakes
  • Eco-friendly
  • Exams made fun
The Regulated Qualifications Network
The European Qualifications Network

Accreditation & Quality Assurance

We have been providing online music exams via our platform for course providers worldwide since 2013. We were the 1st platform to engineer and facilitate government-accredited music exams to Grade 8/level 3 diploma completely online for teachers, schools and institutions.
Our independent and accredited moderators at TLM ensure SARA and our human examiners are always accurate and consistent by providing independent moderation.

Our qualifications deliver European Qualification Credits for Europe & National Qualification Credits for the UK which can be used by employers and educational establishments to identify your level of expertise. These standards are recognised around the world and can improve a student’s acceptance options onto further educational courses as well as industry specific jobs.

Our services are used by some of the most established music sector companies in the world who share our passion for equal access to education. We are supported by Musical charities and Further educational establishments who also share this passion. We pass this support on to you and your students to help deliver positive change in education across the world and champion your mission.