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At the start of your exam, our Automated Examiner SARA will check that your lighting and internet speed is adequate before proceeding.

You will then be guided through an Identity Check.

Press “Start exam” for each section of your exam and your performance will be captured via live audio-visual recordings.

Our advanced technology allows students to play live performance pieces and take sight-reading, improvisation, listening and theory tests.

The Online Music Exams platform has reduced the administration in organising exams for our students and parents and enabled teachers to be present during the exam and reduced the costs, well done!


Head of Exams at LMA

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Accreditations & quality assurance

We are the first platform to facilitate government-accredited music exams from debut to Grade 8 completely online.
Our examiners are able to review exam material with more accuracy as submitted exam recordings are able to be replayed. Examiners can also see the student and their playing in more detail than current face to face exams, as the recording is much closer. Specialist examiners marking each exam discipline are instrument-specific.  Our technology helps to ensure good image quality and audio syncing is captured. Our independent and accredited moderators at TLM ensure our examiners are always accurate and consistent.