Our vision

Let’s change the world, one musical note at a time!

We want to offer more people around the world the opportunity to attain accredited music qualifications, so they can become the musician they want to be.

Positive change made easy

Our digital platform offers the opportunity for more people around the world to take certified music exams, anytime & anywhere.

Our vision is simple.

We want to empower present and future generations around the world to progress and achieve, by offering access to high quality and affordable accredited music exams with our innovative online platform.
As a company, we are endlessly researching and developing innovative, intuitive and sustainable ways to deliver and promote music education to as many people as possible.

Comfort & freedom

Most of all, we want to make it easy for people who want to learn and succeed, to do exactly that.
Those that choose to take our path as part of their journey will be given the tools to develop their talent and have their hard work and persistence supported every step of the way to achieve great musical things.

Online Music Exams is a brilliant and long-overdue tech-led solution that makes the process of preparing for and taking music exams more affordable for everyone. We love it!

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