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Open Access Classical Music – Debut

Pre-level 1 award


What pieces to use:

Exam accredited & recognised internationally: Yes
Certificate: Yes
Exam duration: 12 minutes
Time to complete exam from purchase: 3 months


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About the exam:


Materials used: 


Comparative non online exams:


Minimum system requirements:

  • A laptop or PC with screen (not available for mobile or tablets)
  • Browser: A current version of Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Edge
  • Internet: Stable wi-fi or Ethernet for best results. Download speed 5 Mbps – Upload speed 2 Mbps
  • Camera: Built in camera or external HD camera with microphone
  • Sound: Any speaker system that you can hear comfortably (not available for headphones)

About the Provider

Sistema Global

Sistema Global is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit seeking to connect, encourage, and inspire El Sistema teachers and leaders everywhere. Moreover, we want to tell the world about El Sistema.

In his 2009 TED Talk, the founder of El Sistema, Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu, cast a vision for a truly global movement that could link together the many El Sistema-inspired programs throughout the world.  As the movement evolved, the community of teachers and program leaders yearned for a viable form of global interaction. They have needed a learning tools channel that would globally link interdependent programs, and would provide up-to-date information about the El Sistema model for long term public health and wellness, both physical and mental. Sistema Global is that network.